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22 Business Phone Statistics
Your business phone system is a crucial asset, and there are numerous ways you can use and improve...
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Shop Small This Small Business Saturday & Holiday Season (Nov 28)
It’s that time of year again, and everyone at Numa is excited to spread the word about Small...
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How Numa Gives Your Receptionists More Time To Focus On Guests
We know a lot of receptionists that wish they had a few clones. It’s tough to split attention...
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Your Staff Shouldn't Be Tied Up On The Phones With Commonly Asked Questions
Do you often find yourself repeating the same things on phone calls with customers? We’ve been...
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Step Aside, Alexa! Numa is Your Restaurant’s Digital Receptionist
These days, everybody’s talking to smart devices to access the info and services they need. 
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Stop Losing Service Calls—Numa Can Juggle Them on a Unicycle (We Think)
We’ll admit, we haven’t exactly tried the unicycle thing yet (but it’s on our to-do list). Even so,...
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Your Service Makes Homeowners’ Lives Easier. Your Phone Can Too.
Customers count on your business for responsive and timely service in their homes. Clogged pipes,...
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We’ll Sweep Up the Mess: Salon Texting With Numa
There are only so many hours in the day. Between clients, calls, cleanup, and managing the...
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