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Stylists are Busy. Receptionists are Expensive. Numa is Easy.
Salon owners wear a lot of hats. You’re the ultimate multi-tasker—keeping the books, interviewing...
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Business Texting: The Beginner’s Guide
Business texting lets you communicate with customers through the most convenient and efficient...
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What Is a Virtual Receptionist, and Do You Need One?
A virtual receptionist is a type of phone answering service where a real person answers the phone...
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Do You Need a Front Desk Receptionist?
When someone walks into your business, you want someone to greet them. When someone calls, you want...
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The Pros and Cons of Using an Auto Attendant
An auto attendant (also known as an automated phone directory) is a call routing system that relies...
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[Infographic] How the Pandemic Is Affecting Main Street Businesses
Businesses and consumers alike have had to make a lot of adjustments this year. As consumers have...
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The Future of the Business Phone
Most US households ditched their landlines years ago. Less than 40 percent still have them. The way...
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How Appointment Scheduling Software Works: A Guide to Seamless Booking
You rely on appointments to bring in revenue. But if your staff is still booking appointments over...
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