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How to Enable Text to Landline for Your Business Phone
Enabling two-way text messaging isn’t a “nice to have” business feature anymore. Customers expect...
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Answering Service Pricing Guide: How to Calculate Your True Cost
How much do answering services cost? This guide to pricing and features will help you cut through...
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5 Easy Ways to Get More 5-Star Reviews
“They didn’t pick up their phone. 2 stars.”
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5 Virtual Salon Receptionist Solutions You Never Knew You Needed
For salons, revenue hinges on calls and appointments. But many salons have an expensive phone...
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A Lesson in Business Text Messaging Etiquette: 11 SMS Rules to Live By
Today, consumers expect to be able to text your business. But before venturing into uncharted...
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Helping Main Street In Challenging Times
‍Our founders grew up in families who worked in businesses that are the backbone of our economy:...
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How to Manage a Busy Reception Area Like a Pro
As a receptionist, you’re responsible for attending to customers while managing other duties...
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How to Cut Operational Costs With Virtual Receptionist Software
Receptionists are the first line of support when it comes to servicing your customers. But when...
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