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How to Choose an After-Hours Answering Service
When you close up shop for the day, people don’t stop calling your business. In fact, if you’re...
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Running a Small Business on Your Personal Phone? Get a Separate Business Line with Numa.
Lots of entrepreneurs run their small businesses from their personal mobile phone. It makes sense....
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Receptionist Job Description: Tips and a Template
If your business needs a front desk receptionist, hiring one starts with a job description that...
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Do You Sell Gift Cards? Streamline Sales with Numa
How often have you been in the middle of serving a customer or performing a critical task when...
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Step Aside, Alexa! Numa is Your Restaurant’s Digital Receptionist
These days, everybody’s talking to smart devices to access the info and services they need. 
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Stop Losing Service Calls—Numa Can Juggle Them on a Unicycle (We Think)
We’ll admit, we haven’t exactly tried the unicycle thing yet (but it’s on our to-do list). Even so,...
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Your Service Makes Homeowners’ Lives Easier. Your Phone Can Too.
Customers count on your business for responsive and timely service in their homes. Clogged pipes,...
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Do You Need a Front Desk Receptionist?
When someone walks into your business, you want someone to greet them. When someone calls, you want...
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