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Virtual Receptionists

How Numa Gives Your Receptionists More Time To Focus On Guests
We know a lot of receptionists that wish they had a few clones. It’s tough to split attention...
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Step Aside, Alexa! Numa is Your Restaurant’s Digital Receptionist
These days, everybody’s talking to smart devices to access the info and services they need. 
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Stylists are Busy. Receptionists are Expensive. Numa is Easy.
Salon owners wear a lot of hats. You’re the ultimate multi-tasker—keeping the books, interviewing...
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What Is a Virtual Receptionist, and Do You Need One?
A virtual receptionist is a type of phone answering service where a real person answers the phone...
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5 Virtual Salon Receptionist Solutions You Never Knew You Needed
For salons, revenue hinges on calls and appointments. But many salons have an expensive phone...
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How to Manage a Busy Reception Area Like a Pro
As a receptionist, you’re responsible for attending to customers while managing other duties...
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How to Cut Operational Costs With Virtual Receptionist Software
Receptionists are the first line of support when it comes to servicing your customers. But when...
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How Receptionists Should Answer the Phone: Scripts, Skills and Tools for Success
Receptionists are the gatekeepers to most interactions between potential customers and your...
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